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Impactiv Internet Marketing Services

It takes more than a simple Web presence to attract visitors to your Web site. Impactiv offers the professional SEO (search engine optimization) and Internet marketing consulting services for companies that want to incorporate SEO in their daily work. We offer strategies and training to help your staff become successful at marketing your business.

Your Web technology investment is the first step to Internet success but, like any other business initiative, it requires continuous attention.  Not long ago, businesses were able to maintain healthy returns with organic search, good reviews and pay per click investments. Now, a multitude of social media platforms enable customers to talk to their trusted friends, relatives and coworkers as opposed to advertisers about what they buy.  Ad targeting follows consumers where they go on the Web.   Outsourcing writing, social media and other services can be expensive.  We help you to engrain an SEO culture and habits that your staff can execute in their everyday marketing work. 

Strategy is King

Consumers' Internet attention is divided between search engines, blogs, email subscriptions, Amazon, social networking, texting and more. Even keyword search, once a relatively simple process, is now complex. Search results depend on location, personal preferences, search intent and desktop or mobile platforms.

We have been working with SEO clients for the last 10 years.  SEO is a dynamic discipline but there are many basic aspects that remain the same over time. We will help you navigate them.

  • Learn how to evaluate keywords and determine demand in your market segment
  • Analyze your Web competition based on relevant keywords
  • Get on-site and off-site marketing techniques to build your business
  • Social networking planning and creative ideas to connect with your customers
  • Learn how paid search can help you
  • Analytics tools and training to understand the data
  • Budget recommendations

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